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Study Abroad Spring 2015

Jumping backward to dump some things here so I don't forget about them. Like my first time on a plane (which happened to be by myself across the North Atlantic Ocean) to study abroad in Prague, Czech Republic the Spring 2015 semester of college.

This semester was my first true taste of independence. Going there and traveling around Europe gave me the initiative to continue learning about differing cultures and widening my perspective of the world and the diverse people inhabiting it. 

the boring deets below, the good stories stay in my handwritten journals to be shared in company~ 

  • lived in the Botič Student House:

  • Prague Institute:
    • music: voice, trombone, opera 
    • art: glass molding, casting, etc. 


  • studied trombone with Tomas Bialko, member of the Prague Symphony Orchestra
  • had lessons in the Municipal House and free tickets to performances 
Municipal House.jpg