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Human Apparel

Human Apparel Feature 

My concept behind this 2017 fall line was to paint human rights in a way they haven’t been portrayed before. The goal being to spark someone's interest on the street and maybe start a conversation. After all, starting the conversation is half the battle when trying to understand humans different than ourselves.

Feature Artist line for the lifestyle brand "H.U.M.A.N. Apparel".

Notice: This line was seasonal/limited time and has sold out- to purchase pieces and other work check out my Merch page!


"The Vision"

The fires of injustice will never engulf us whole. Raise your eyes, align your vision as a shout at the dark constantly trying to poison our humanity.

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Creativity blooms in facets people never expect. Do with this what you will. 

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"Embrace Humanity"

Embrace the highs and lows. Embrace the positivity and negativity. Regardless of its embodiment, embrace humanity.

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"Helping Hands"

Constantly sifting through the threads of life, the day to day conflicts, the bottomless chaos. Sometimes all we need is a helping hand to guide us through our entangled torment. 

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At any given time, we can feel foreign even in our own skin. To seek a fluid understanding of our own nature is humanity at its most basic form.

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Start the Conversation

How we communicate gives tangible definition to our humanity. This piece is a hopeful vision for a world where transparency is at the forefront.