Lex Poolos
Lex Poolos | Designer




I hold a BA in Music Instrumental Studies at High Point University. There I played in various university ensembles, from pep band to orchestra. I also jammed in a ska group and a blues band on the side. My concentration was in trombone but I'm also proficient in piano, voice, ukulele, and dabble with bass guitar.   Now I write originals and cover songs for shits and gigs~



“I would notice me, if you would notice me”

When I finally accepted myself as queer- I was in college and just wanted Lesbian Jesus herself to come up to me at the bar and out me because I couldn’t do it myself. It fucking sucked. Now I’m here, queer, & ready to revere.


JTT Pabst.jpg

Just The Tip! 

My second week of college I joined the ska band "Just The Tip!" as the only female trombonist. I was an active member for the entirety of my college career; playing weird basement and bar gigs, but mainly enjoying jamming with friends. We recorded an album of all our original work; you can check out "Just the Tip! Greatest Hits" below!


Junque Gallery 

This "Junque Funk" band Junque Gallery, was around way before me. My dad, on keyboards, let me slide in to record and preform as trombonist on their 4th CD entitled "Vintage Junk". Their eclectic pot of gumbo spiced with Funk, Blues and Rock was incredible to be apart of. Also, yes I had dreads. Take a listen below.


Undergraduate Senior Recital 

In partial fulfillment of my music degree, I organized and performed a 50 minute senior recital showcasing my education at High Point University. I performed various pieces on trombone, piano, and voice. Below is a link to clips of my performance!